A.R.Cunliffe (Pty) Ltd is a property and construction consultancy based in Cape Town, currently operating throughout the Western Cape.

We are in the business of creating long term happiness for our clients through the implementation of intelligent design and building practices that will create spaces in which our clients and their businesses can thrive - be it the business of raising a family or the business of doing business.

At our core we are a project management firm offering services to a wide variety of property industry stake holders with a vested interest in sustainability.

Our services ensure that the process of bringing a new building to life (or refurbishing an old one) is as stress free to the client as possible. We have a hands-on management style that ensures projects are tightly controlled from start to finish. We also pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to spot problems before they become problems.

Our commitment to sustainability means we encourage buildings to be built in as smart and efficient a manner as possible to ensure optimal operational efficiency. In a nutshell - we save our clients money by making sure the building is designed, built, and operated properly.

We exist to build buildings.


We exist to build them properly.




Hi, I am Amy R Cunliffe - the founder and owner of ARCunliffe (Pty) Ltd.

My business was founded in May of 2020. Prior to this I was employed by a prominent property developer operating on the Atlantic Seaboard, where I learnt many valuable lessons in the arts of construction and business management.

As a child I had two passions: creating things and nature. As an adult I channel these passions into the core of my business - creating buildings that designed and built with intelligence to reduce any their impact on the natural environment.

To date I have worked on many interesting projects, mostly in the high-end residential sector. I am very au fait with the wealthy and their luxury housing needs. Some of biggest lessons weren't learnt building a luxury residential estate at the top of St Johns Road in Seapoint, Cape Town.

All I really want to do with my life is build buildings.