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Company Vision

Career Vision

To foster greater integrity in the construction industry through the delivery of quality services that target project control.

To be an industry leader in sustainable community based developments.


ARCunliffe (Pty) Ltd was founded by Amy R Cunliffe in June, 2020, following her retrenchment from former employers, Berman Brothers, during the Level 5 lockdown measures imposed by the South African government in response to outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amy holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Construction Management from the University of Cape Town and is registered as a Candidate Construction Project Manager with the SACPCMP.

Amy has always had a passion for creating things and for the natural world - her favourite childhood activities included building structures in the family garden for her pet cats and watching Natural Geographic on the TV. Over the past few years she has grown a strong sense of accountability for living a sustainable existence - which has overflowed into a desire to create the same for other people.

The climate crisis will only get worse, but I will always be on the fighting side. I also just really love construction.