We manage the creation of your dream until you have the front door key in your hand.

ARCunliffe offers full project management services to home builders, renovators, and small businesses growing into bigger spaces.

Project management is about managing the process that get your project from idea to reality. We oversee and manage the design process, the tender process, the construction process, and the handover process. We work closely with the Principal Consultants to ensure your project gets over the line in time, in budget, and to the correct degree of quality.


We manage your project from

idea to project handover.



Your dream requires a contract with a builder - we manage that.

ARCunliffe offers Principal Agency services from detailed design & tender stages through construction to project close out.

The Principal Agent's primary role is to manage the contract between you, the Client, and the Main Contractor. Included in this role is general project management - hosting site meetings, managing the design team and information flow, managing the appointment of subcontractors, managing payments and work certification, and quality and progress monitoring.


We make your dream a working reality.

ARCunliffe becomes your project partner that will get you through all the property development hoops you will need to jump through. From inception to land acquisition, project financing and planning applications, to design development and construction, and all the way into building operation.

After you take position of the building, we will step in as facilities managers to look after it through the rest of it's operational life.

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Sometimes all you need is a person on the ground.

ARCunliffe offers specialised client representation services through the construction and handover phases of your project.

This is an oversight role that keeps the professional team and contractor accountable and a watchful eye over progress and quality of the actual work on site.

We work closely with the Principal Agent to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Your building is a living thing, it needs constant looking after.

ARCunliffe offers specialised project management services for renovation projects of all sizes - whether it is the overhauling of an entire house or replacing windows on a block of flat or fitting out your new retail space.

ARCunliffe also offers to look after the year-on-year maintenance of the building, so you don't have to run around trying to find contractors to fix things when they break. We do regular inspections and draw up a maintenance routine to keep your building fit for purpose and at the highest marketable value.

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Time management is a basic builder's skill.

ARCunliffe works with contractors to assist them with time management on their projects.

We produce detailed tender and construction programmes that help you win jobs and effectively manage the building process - from the professional team to the contractors.

Our detailed information schedules and regular progress updates will keep everyone aware of what their deliverables are, when they are required, and how achieving them will affect progress on site.

We also assist in delay impact analyses for when you hit problems and need to claim back time.


Your dream, but more efficient.

ARCunliffe specialises in driving intelligent design and building practices that will make your dream or existing building more efficient.

By engaging a project manager with green building knowledge you acquire a professional who drives intelligent design and building practices that will make your building more efficient and ultimately save money.

We are in the process of becoming Green Star Accredited Professionals with the Green Building Council South Africa. But whether you are chasing a Green Star Rating or not, being more efficient is only beneficial to you, as well as being better for the environment.

Green Buildings


We help you generate the power Eskom cannot.

ARCunliffe provides full consulting assistance to anyone looking to beat Eskom - whether you are a home or business owner wanting some guaranteed power from the sun or are a larger corporate wanting to jump on the reliable IPP band wagon, we can help get you there.

We have partners in the procurement and engineering spaces that we can bring together to provide you a full services from design to implementation - including handling the nitty-gritty of applying to CoCT for power generation approval.

The threshold for individual power production has just been put up to 100MW - that's a lot.


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