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  • Project management

  • Time management

  • Development management

  • Sustainable development

  • Chaos Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Creative think

  • Puzzle building

Primary Sectors

High-end Residential     |     Multi-Residential     |     Hotels     |     Solar Energy

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Copy of Copy of 17a Upper Hillwood, Bisc
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Project Management

  • Project managers, architects, quantity surveyors, developers

  • Collaboration

  • Principal Agency

  • Contract administration

  • Construction project management

ARCunliffe (Pty) Ltd is a solo practice run by a dynamic, ambitious young human being.

The vision is to become a leading firm in the discipline of Principal Agency. There is still much learning and growing that ARCunliffe needs to do to get there. To this end, ARCunliffe offers bespoke project management services to other businesses who typically take on the role of Principal Agent/lead project manager.

Our eagerness for growth is useful to already established firms and practitioners who may find themselves with the need to hire additional resources, but not really to hire new employees. We want to work on a collaborative basis - providing whatever assistance other other professionals may need to help bring their projects to successful conclusions.

You gain flexibility, I gain experience. Winners all round!

Time Management

  • Contractors

  • Programming & planning

  • Tender, contract, construction programmes

  • Resource management

  • Information schedules & management

  • Progress tracking & report

  • Delay impact & claim analysis

ARCunliffe has specialised expertise in the realms of time management - nothing makes me happier than a well put together project programme.

The project programme is the single most powerful management tool available contractors and the project team. I work exclusively with RIB CCS Candy - the single most powerful scheduling software available (in my humble opinion).

Project programmes can be useful at all stages of the project life cycle - from planning the design development process up until appointment of the main contractor to the various programmes used by the main contractor including tender, contractual, construction, and even individual trade programmes.

A solid, well thought out programme will assist with time management, resource management, tracking site progress, delay mitigation, and delay impact & claim analysis.

Programmers are worth their weight in gold - as their salary demands may suggest. By outsourcing this particular skill you pay less and can be assured that the work produced is of the highest possible standard.

We plan for success.

Development Management

  • Clients

  • Client representation/liaison

  • Site inspections

  • Photographic records

  • Progress updating & reporting

  • Quality control

  • Construction know-how

Building your own building can be a daunting, frustration but ultimately rewarding process.

ARCunliffe offers bespoke services to property owners and developers - from newbie home builders to industry veterans. The crux of the role is to oversee the project on behalf of the client - to whatever degree of involvement you may require.

While ARCunliffe's speciality lies in the construction portion of the project, the role can be implemented right from project inception.

In the simplest form of the role I become the eyes and ears of the client during construction - conducting regular site inspections to keep tabs on progress and quality, keeping a detailed photographic record of site progress, and assisting the project team as needs be. In the simplest form of the role I get involved in all aspects of the project where the client needs to be involved either supporting and guiding the client or allowing the client to take a back seat.

I am the clients secret weapon.

Sustainable Development

This service category is so broad it needs two columns:

At the heart of ARCunliffe (Pty) Ltd is sustainability.

The essence of it is to push more sustainable building practices into the South African industry to the point where it is weird not to build like this - buildings that actively address the climate crisis, that are future orientated, and community centric.

So what is ARCunliffe really offering?

We are looking to partner with anyone interested in contributing to a ensuring we have a future: a luxury home owner who wants to be energy & water efficient; a multi-million Rand franchise that needs a public face lift and some state-of-the-art infrastructure; a pioneering entrepreneur pushing the boundaries of technology....

We'll help you find the right people and the right solutions.

Thereafter, it is a construction project just like any other!

A final note...

Project management expertise are required at all levels of the construction industry by all role players.

Whoever you are, whatever your needs may be, let's have a chat.

Home owners, developers, contractors, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, suppliers, new comers, old timers, game changers...tell us your story and we'll see how we can help.