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Project Management

  • Project managers, architects, quantity surveyors, developers

  • Collaboration

  • Principal Agency

  • Contract administration

  • Construction project management

ARCunliffe (Pty) Ltd is a solo practice run by a dynamic, ambitious young human being.

The vision is to become a leading firm in the discipline of Principal Agency. There is still much learning and growing that ARCunliffe needs to do to get there. To this end, ARCunliffe offers bespoke project management services to other businesses who typically take on the role of Principal Agent/lead project manager.

Our eagerness for growth is useful to already established firms and practitioners who may find themselves with the need to hire additional resources, but not really to hire new employees. We want to work on a collaborative basis - providing whatever assistance other other professionals may need to help bring their projects to successful conclusions.

You gain flexibility, I gain experience. Winners all round!