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Time Management

  • Contractors

  • Programming & planning

  • Tender, contract, construction programmes

  • Resource management

  • Information schedules & management

  • Progress tracking & report

  • Delay impact & claim analysis

ARCunliffe has specialised expertise in the realms of time management - nothing makes me happier than a well put together project programme.

The project programme is the single most powerful management tool available contractors and the project team. I work exclusively with RIB CCS Candy - the single most powerful scheduling software available (in my humble opinion).

Project programmes can be useful at all stages of the project life cycle - from planning the design development process up until appointment of the main contractor to the various programmes used by the main contractor including tender, contractual, construction, and even individual trade programmes.

A solid, well thought out programme will assist with time management, resource management, tracking site progress, delay mitigation, and delay impact & claim analysis.

Programmers are worth their weight in gold - as their salary demands may suggest. By outsourcing this particular skill you pay less and can be assured that the work produced is of the highest possible standard.

We plan for success.